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Dear {Contact_First_Name},

Yesterday's guilty verdict in the George Floyd case brought a measure of justice and accountability to his family and our country. This verdict affirms what we saw, the murder of an innocent man.

While Chauvin’s conviction brings some accountability for this terrible crime, as a nation we know the verdict does not fix our country’s deep-seated systemic racism. We must address head on the factors that facilitated that murder and so many others like it. As a nation, we have devalued BIPOC lives for generations and built the foundation for this horrifying injustice. While this verdict is a step in the right direction, we know it will not prevent future injustices, nor will it cure the damage done by centuries of racism. We must continue to hold all people accountable for their actions and let them know that this kind of behavior is intolerable. The racism and oppression that continue in our culture are unacceptable. Each and every person deserves to have an equal chance to thrive and succeed in our country. Each of us must be a part of the solution and work toward meaningful change, fighting discrimination.

HECA remains steadfastly committed to the fight against racism and injustice. We must ensure that we all serve as a positive resource and advocate for the students and families we serve. We must all intentionally move toward a more just and equal nation. Our response and actions today will impact not only our current students and families but also future generations of students.


Terry Knaus, HECA Executive Director
Cheri Barad, HECA Board President
The HECA Board of Directors