Stay Current With HECA Professional Development And Networking

When you join HECA, you join a worldwide network of professional educational consultants and enjoy the following professional development and networking opportunities:

Professional Development Programs. Our annual Consulting Basics seminar gives newer consultants (and more experienced consultants wanting a “refresher” course) access to cutting-edge information about college admissions counseling, guiding students, and managing a successful consulting practice.

HECA Annual Conference. Our annual HECA conference is jammed packed with informative seminars, presentations by well-known admissions experts and college admissions representatives, and opportunities to network with other HECA members and college admissions officers. Each conference also includes a college and vendor fair. But, it isn’t all work – HECA members enjoy getting to know each other during the conference’s social activities as well. Whether you’re attending for the first time, or a member who attends every year, you’ll be welcomed warmly.

College Tours for HECA members. Each year, HECA sponsors a college tour for our members in a different region of the country. We spend two days visiting college campuses and meeting with college admissions officers. Along the way there are chances to connect with old HECA friends and make new ones. Check out the College Tour FAQs for more details.

HECA member Listserv. You’re working with a student who’s interested in attending college in another part of the country. Problem is, you haven’t visited many colleges in that area. How can you get reliable, first-hand insights into a college across the country? Simple. Post a query to the HECA member listserv. The listserv also gives HECA members a chance to share information about college admissions trends, ideas about running a consulting practice, and a place to discuss issues related to counseling students about their college options.

HECA newsletter. The HECA e-provides a wealth of information for college admissions consultants, including articles on building a consulting practice, the latest college admissions trends, book reviews, and campus visit reports.

HECA Chronicle subscription. HECA members received a subscription to the online Chronicle of Higher Education.

HECA Members-Only resources. The members-only section of our website is packed with great resources to help you help students more effectively, as well as tools to help you manage your business.

HECA regional networks. HECA’s Community Reps welcome new members and stay in touch with local college admissions officers. In many parts of the country, HECA members also meet regularly to discuss issues relevant to their region. The HECA network provides a local social network that helps individual practitioners feel less isolated.

HECA member volunteers. HECA is run by its members, which means our members are involved in every aspect of the organization, from conferences to newsletters to strategic long-term planning. Getting involved provides a great opportunity to meet and get to know HECA members from across the country, as well as to polish your management skills and have a real impact on the future of higher educational consulting.

However, the benefits of HECA membership don’t end with our great professional development and networking programs. HECA members also enjoy discounts and marketing tools.

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