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For Equity and Access Resources, click HERE (members-only resource).

June 2021: Your HECA E&A and GRAC Committees want to keep you informed about some important topics happening at the federal level. The US Department of Education announced actions to increase equity in education this week.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact Scott Garbini at DEI@hecaonline.org.

Recent HGRC Activities: Six HECA members participated in the first PNACAC Oregon Virtual Advocacy Day April 7, 2021. With support from NACAC, 21 legislators in Oregon met with constituents to discuss and learn about issues in higher education.

Other HGRC Activities: HECA Government Relations Committee in partnership with the American Council on Education, has signed a number of letters recently. Topics include: support for international students, support for The Dream Act, and support for the American Rescue Plan Act.. Click HERE to see other initiatives the HGRC has been following. 

What can you do? Write to you federal legislators thanking them for their hard work! Pick the topic you are the most passionate about. We will have a template available soon. In the meantime, please direct any questions to Marie Morris, hgrc@hecaonline.org or Scott S. Garbini, DEI@hecaonline.org.

Also, a message went out on the list serv regarding the recent and ongoing violence targeted at Asian Americans.

In keeping with HECA’s mission statement to “promote equity and access to higher education for all students”, HECA condemns the growing incidence of violence and discrimination against Asian American students, as well as students from Asian countries, occurring in US schools and postsecondary institutions . We stand by our students and colleagues who are Asian, Asian American, or Pacific Islanders, and against all acts of violence and hate, and we urge our fellow citizens to do the same.

Here are some resources to educate and act:


To Establish a national presence for HECA by educating legislators on the work IECs do, HECA's code of ethics, and our membership guidelines and vetting process. Committee members work to raise the profile of IECs, especially HECA, within NACAC and its affiliates.

What do we do, and why?

Stay appraised of legislation being discussed in different states and nationally, which could impact HECA's members and/or mission, and work with NACAC and its affiliates and other organizations where appropriate.


  • To educate legislators locally and nationally on the work HECA members do, our mission, our standards and ethics principles, our vetting process for members, and our professional development opportunities supporting an organization of credentialed professionals.
  • Educate HECA members regarding pending legislation where appropriate and enlist support.
  • To work with NACAC and its affiliates where appropriate.

Snapshot of HECA members who belong to ACAC affiliations (approximate numbers)

  • WACAC 385
  • PNACAC 110
  • NEACAC 115
  • SACAC 108
  • RMACAC 67
  • TXACAC 70
  • NYACAC 65
  • PCACAC 50
  • NJACAC 49
  • PennACAC 34

For more information or questions, please contact Marie Morris at hgrc@hecaonlne.org

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