HECA Business Management Resources

HECA wants our members to succeed, so we provide tools and resources to help you manage your business effectively.  Here are just some of business management resources you’ll enjoy when you join HECA:

Listing in the HECA membership directory.
Our online membership directory makes it easier for prospective clients to find you and your practice. HECA Members also receive a complimentary interactive online profile to highlight services and areas of expertise through participation in HECA's College Admissions Expert Calling Network

Use of the HECA logo. As a HECA member, you will be authorized to use the HECA logo on your marketing materials and website to promote your affiliation with a respected professional organization.

Downloadable promotional materials. HECA members can access free materials to help educate families and other parties about the benefits of working with a college admissions consultant.

A members-only database of tools and resources. Finding the information you need to run your business can be time-consuming, but HECA's members gated website lets you quickly find data and information on college admissions, financial aid, and business management. The database also contains handouts and other materials that HECA members have found useful in working with students.

Savings on products and services for your business. HECA members are eligible for a number of discounts and deals on business products and services, including professional liability insurance and college-related publications for consultants. In addition to these marketing and money-saving benefits, HECA also provides great professional development and networking programs to help you build your practice.

Discounts available for professional liability insurance through Forrest T. Jones and American Professional Agency.

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