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Sharon Schladow Higher Education Consulting / STEM Higher Education Consulting
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Sharon Schladow

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Mrs. Schladow visits 35-50 campuses globally each year. Our practice works with students strictly via referral specializing in STEM & Business education for high-performing students, but grandfathers in siblings interested in a wider range of institutions and majors. Engineering is the focus of about 50% of our students. We are no longer taking students after 2022 as Mrs. Schladow will be moving into full time institutional work e.g. Foundation advising, HR advising and site based educational programs.
Services Offered
  • College selection
  • Essay review
  • Financial Aid advising
  • Graduate school advising
Type of Students Served
  • High school students
  • Transfer students
  • International students
  • First generation students
Description of Services
We work with a number of site-based (corporate, non-profit, school, faculty family, philanthropic) programs, with a special focus on Engineering & Business careers - from a variety of majors. We focus on the outcomes and opportunities that colleges and universities offer, with a special focus on career and graduate school preparation. Our aim is to find an academic and social environment where the student will thrive. Our office works with students beginning as early as 8th grade on an hourly basis. We have extensive experience in students from faculty families, expats, and temporary overseas placement. We do not work with non-US citizens. Communication is via in-office meetings, Skype, IChat, Facetime, What's App, Zoom, imessage, Text, Phone & Email with all students. All services are hourly. College Lists assume that students will seek merit aid, need-based aid and future entry to graduate school.

Since 2001, Mrs Schladow's has worked with philanthropic organizations/private donors reviewing scholarship applicants. In recent years, she has worked with companies seeking new insight into specific college programs, campus culture and majors resulting in expanded recruitment. The ever-changing landscape of colleges and universities often requires special insight to find new recruits with strong quantitative, creative and communication skills. We focus on supporting recruitment from women's colleges, LAC, and technical/research campuses that offer exceptional understanding of STEM & Business education. We refer all clients with an IEP or 504, aiming at D1 recruitment scholarships (non Ivy) & focusing purely on BFA or MFA programs.
Additional Information
I have offices in both Davis, California and Incline Village Nevada. We will no longer be taking new private students following the class of 2022. One time consultations for a college list and application review may be available for Fall 2022 Seniors on an hourly basis. We also gladly meet with 8th and 9th grade families/students needing an introduction to the college admissions process. Mrs. Schladow is always available to speak to or meet with groups aiming to increase women's participation in highly selective STEM & Business programs. We seek to find special opportunities to enable women to thrive in the workplace.
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