Opportunities for Businesses to Connect with HECA Members

The Higher Education Consultants Association has a global membership of over 1,000 educational consultants specializing in college admissions consulting.  If your business provides products that are related to and support HECA’s mission to assist students in their transition from high school to post-secondary options, you should consider solidifying your relationship with HECA by becoming a HECA Business Partner or by featuring your products or services at our annual conferences.

Here are some key reasons why your business should be connecting with HECA Members:

  • HECA members assist thousands of families each year with college and financial aid decisions.  As educational consultants, they seek out products and services that can assist them in their work with students.  Additionally, students and parents respect their recommendations about educational programs, college planning books and websites, and other products and services related to college admissions and college financial planning.
  • HECA members are small business owners who are the primary purchase decision makers for their businesses.  In addition to counseling products and tools, HECA members are an excellent target market for office products, computer equipment, software, and other business management products and services.
  • HECA members are experienced and successful professionals.  Eighty-two percent of HECA members have been in business for three years or longer. Fifty-five percent have more than seven years of educational consulting experience.
  • HECA members are highly educated. To be eligible for membership, consultants must have at least a Bachelor's degree. Eighty-two percent of HECA members hold a Master's degree or higher.  

For more information on how your business can start connecting with HECA Members, please follow the links below:
HECA Business Partners Program
Exhibit at the HECA Annual Conference

Thank you for your interest in partnering with HECA!
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