2017 Conference Photos

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2017 Conference resources

Thank you to our presenters for generously sharing their slides.  (These presentations were provided to HECA by 8/1/17)

Tuesday Sessions

How to Make Money as an Educational Consultant

Defying Disfuntion in College: Preventing Failure-to-Launch! with "Ask the Expert" Executive Function Panel

Building Your Best College Lists in the US and Beyond

Moving Beyond the Essay

The Gig Economy: Preparing High School Students for Careers in...

Reducing Anxiety in College Admissions and Standardized Testing 

Expand Your Vision: Growing Your Business Home, Away, and Online

College Partnerships that Expand Student Opportunities

Online Education: One the Rise

Counseling the College Bound Student-Athlete... A Whole Different Ballgame!

Empowering Students with 20/20 Vision in Career Planning and College Selection

Counseling the Young Adult in Recovery back to College or Grad School

Standing in Their Boots

A Green Education: What Your Students Need to Know

Cannabis and College Age Young Adults: With Cards and Without

Debunking the Myth of the Starving Artist: Creative Majors and Careers

The New Landscape for Testing Accommodations: What You Need to Know.

Wednesday Sessions

Get Clients Clamoring: Marketing Your Independent College Counseling Business

Get Clients Clamoring: Part 2

Guiding Students on the Pre-Med and Pre Health Path

Gender in the College Admissions Process

Staying Safe at College: Sexual Assault, Substances, Gun Safety and More

Let Your Skills Sing! How to Make Supplemental Materials Matter!

Canada's Best Kept Secret: Liberal Arts Universities

Truly Insightful: The Multiple Uses of the UC Personal Insight Questions

College Financial Planning: Build your List with Affordability in Mind

25 Amazing Ideas: Take Your College Essay Counseling to the Next Level

25 Amazing Ideas Handout

Introduction to Law School Admissions

Supporting All Students and Families in the New Political Climate: Best Practices

You Gotta Have Faith (or Not!)

College Funding: Where to Find the Money and Guide our Families to It

Big Data/California State University System

Calm and Centered: Retraining the Brain to Reduce Teen Stress and Anxiety

The Changing Landscape of College Admissions: A Five Decade Perspective

Cognitive Markers for College Readiness

The Ethics of Business Growth and Transitions

Beyond Engineering: Alternative Majors for Science and Math Geeks

Major Decisions: Designing and Implementing an Internship/Job Shadowing Program for Your Clients

Explain Fully on a Separate Sheet: The Special Circumstances Essay

Beyond Mentors: Developing an Accountability Partnership to Drive IEC Success.

Taking the Stress Out of Taking Tests: Yoga for Your Mind

How to Improve a Personal Statement in 20 Minutes

Personal Statement Handout

Virtual Consulting with Lynn Scheurer-Foster

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