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HECA Conference 2017 Closing Social

The Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA) is the premier professional organization for consultants who focus exclusively on helping high school students realize their full potential.  Our mission is to support independent education consultants as they work with students and parents during the transition into higher education by providing professional development, advancing ethical standards of conduct and promoting equity and access to higher education for all students.


HECA is committed to supporting you to do your very best work with students. Our resources are directed to programs and experiences that will enhance your growth and development as an educational consultant.

Our annual conference, for example, features outstanding guest speakers and seasoned professionals who will share their expertise with you as you network with fellow HECA members from around the world. Conferences also include opportunities to learn about schools that may be new to you, meet with admission representatives and visit area campuses on one of HECA's college tours.

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TREND 2018

At HECA, WE HEAR IT ALL. Every one of our independent educational consultants knows that the discussion of the application essay can lead to deeper, more complicated conversations. As we help students clarify what they want from their college education we listen and we learn.



Your interest in HECA is very important to us. Our members spend countless hours visiting college campuses and researching the many opportunities you offer students. We know the value of connecting the right student with the right college.

HECA's network of educational consultants would love to welcome college reps when they visit their communities - throughout the nation and the world. As you make appointments to visit high schools, we hope you will also make appointments to visit with groups of HECA members in those same communities.

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HECA values businesses that make a difference in how we deliver information and guidance to our students. If your product supports HECA’s mission to assist students in their transition from high school to post-secondary options, then we want to know about it.

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We’re excited for you to learn about the unique ways you can connect with over 1,000 educational consultants.


You can be assured that HECA consultants meet some of the highest standards in the industry. We believe in the importance of integrity, sound advice, respect and confidentiality.

We also know how important it is to stay current and to understand the student culture on campuses. That’s why we spend so many hours visiting colleges and working tirelessly to match your student with the best-fit college.

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