Core Values of the Higher Education Consultants Association

The Higher Education Consultants Association's Standards and Ethics Statement for our members is based on four core values:

Sound Advice:
HECA members discuss appropriate educational options with students and families and make referrals to other members/organizations when indicated.


HECA members communicate clearly what services they offer and do not guarantee admissions or financial aid results. They do not use scare tactics to intimidate families. Individuals employed by companies under investigation for questionable practices are not eligible for membership.


HECA members respect the student/school relationship. They strive to work as a team with other independent consultants, high school counselors and college staff. They respect students’ work and expect them to complete admission applications and write essays personally.


HECA members respect the confidential nature of their relationships with students and families. They obey the right-to-privacy laws.

Read the full HECA member Standards and Ethics Statement.

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