HECA Standards for the Educational Consultant Profession

HECA members shall:

A. Acknowledge one's own limits in terms of knowledge, experience, and expertise and make referrals, as appropriate.

B. Accurately, and with integrity, represent and promote their services in writing, including statements of fees and payments.

C. Agree that promise or guarantee of college and/or university placement is beyond the scope of an eduation consultant and may not be communicated or inferred from written or verbal statements made by a HECA member.

D. Avoid confilict of interest or the perception thereof.  If potential for conflict of interest is present, it is incumbent on the HECA member to acknowledge, in writing, the source and scope of such conflict. The client is thus given the opportunity to proceed or end the relationship.

E. HECA members adhere to and uphold the standards and ethics of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) Statement of Principles of Good Practice with particular attention to the Mandatory Practices and Best Practices sections.

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