HECA Standards with Respect to Relations With High Schools and Colleges

HECA members:

A. Provide information to students and families that is:

  1. Accurate and timely, and is based on research, college visits, participation in professional organizations and attendance at national and regional educational conferences and meetings.
  2. Based on evaluation of the student's academic record and interests, activities, and future plans.

B. Respect the procedures and requirements of the student's high school.

C. Neither solicit nor accept remuneration, gifts, services, or rewards from any institution, agency or organization for the placement or recruitment of students. To do so is considered outside the realm of ethical behavior. This policy is not intended to apply to gifts of nominal value (such as school pens, mugs, pennants, notepads with insignias) that do not, in any way, obligate the recipient.

D. Seek to complement the work of high school counselors and to work cooperatively and collaboratively.

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